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THE 2007 "Time is Running"

The Art of Aldag “Time is Running” calendar is a special way of remembering my husband Juergen Aldag and his life, as well as displaying his gift to the world, which was his art. He made the most of his life and left us all something that will last forever, and for most of us that love and appreciated his art, Juergen Aldag will always be with us in our hearts and thoughts. The Art of Aldag 2007 Fine Art Calendar is a 14 month (Jan. 2007 – Feb. 2008), 8 ½” x 11”, heavy weight, 1st class calendar that is a collection of his art and stories of his life that are extraordinary. It is a limited edition, collectors item. Every friend and Aldag art collector should order some of these calendars for themselves and for their friends to share what Juergen lived for; to give his love through his art. You can order as many calendars as you would like by emailing us.

We are asking for $10 per calendar or ($5 for 25 or more)
+ shipping and handling.

Love & Best Wishes,
Wendy Arvella Aldag

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Guggenheim Museum

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Galleria di Sorrento

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Art of Aldag

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About Art Newseum
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     Art Newseum Las Vegas is a Calendar, Television Broadcast, Magazine and Web Site dedicated to providing first class representation for the visual fine art community and art industry in Las Vegas.  We believe that as long as this exceptional city remains the #1 international tourist destination and the fastest growing metropolis in America, it will continue to accelerate towards becoming the Chief  #1 Art Capitol of the World.


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(800) 278-2192

Art Newseum Las Vegas Presents…
The Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation’s
First Fund-Raiser in Las Vegas

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     Art Newseum Las Vegas sponsored The First Las Vegas Art Auction Fund-raiser for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation which was held on May 24, 2002 at The Forum Shops at Caesars Palace - Catered by Wolfgang Puck - Special Guest Speaker: Gary Waddell (Channel 8) with Findlay Auto Group providing three motorcycles for display and Towbin Rolls-Royce donating a Rolls-Royce for auction. (As announced in an interview with Art Newseum on the Morning Show on Channel 13, May 24th.)

     On Friday, May 24, 2002 Galleria di Sorrento at Caesars Forum Shops served as the setting for a gala art auction that raised funds for the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, the parent organization for the new Guggenheim Las Vegas and Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, located at The Venetian.

     This fund-raiser was organized and sponsored by Art Newseum Las Vegas, a new, first class visual fine art magazine and television program, founded by former publisher/editor of Hawaii Art News & Directory, Wendy Arvella. The event also served as a launch party for Art Newseum, which represents, promotes and supports the rapidly developing Las Vegas art market. A preview of their television pilot was presented on a large screen and their premier issue magazine was distributed at the party.

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     The art auction for The Guggenheim featured over twenty world class artists, who donated their original and limited edition artwork to the fund-raiser, including: Royo, Byerley, Billy Dee Williams, Gordon, Siegfried & Roy/Juergen Aldag, Christian Riese Lassen, Jenesko, Carlos di Anda, Michael Hall, Karen Wheeler, among others.

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     Art Newseum Las Vegas commissioned artist Juergen Aldag to create a commemorative work of art celebrating the first Guggenheim Las Vegas monumental exhibition, The Art of the Motorcycle. The artwork is of the world renown motorcycle “The Indian,” (which is on exhibit at the Guggenheim Las Vegas) and will be used to raise additional funds, by making limited editions available for sale. This work of art was unveiled at the Launch Party /Fund-raiser with a warm reception.

     Some of the proceeds from art sold will benefit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Foundation, a non-profit organization founded in 1937 to realize four basic objectives: the collection, preservation, interpretation, and presentation of objects of twentieth-century visual culture. As an international constellation of museums with locations in New York, Venice, Bilbao, Berlin and now Las Vegas, the Guggenheim name is recognized and respected world-wide.

     The auction was presented in honor of the Guggenheim’s famed accomplishments and the decision to make Las Vegas their new home. Art Newseum views the auction as an opportunity to thank the Museums for coming to Las Vegas and adding a prominent cultural substance to the community. It is Art Newseum’s aim to unite the Las Vegas art industry and represent it as one reputable destination for art collectors worldwide. The Guggenheim seems a natural fit for fostering that growth as well.

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     The auction fund-raiser was a big success as many notable guests attended and celebrated the launching of Art Newseum Las Vegas as well as contributing to the Las Vegas cultural revolution by bidding and buying visual fine art.

Siegfried & Roy
Unveil Their New Exclusive S&R /
Aldag Fine Art Collection

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     Siegfried & Roy are breaking into the visual fine art business, in their spectacular, signature way, with genuine diamonds and 24 karat gold enhances on their new “Siegfried & Roy Limited Private Fine Art Collection” of original mixed media paintings. This fine art collection is a collaboration with world renowned artist Juergen Aldag and Siegfried & Roy. It shouldn’t surprise us that this collection is “magical” and is sure to cause a major stir in the international art market.
(Story continued in the magazine, click here to get yours!)

The Art of the Rolls-Royce
Timeless Quality & Style

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     In 1904, two auto makers, Charles S. Rolls and Frederick H. Royce, met in Manchester, England and agreed to build a quality automobile together. The rest is history. When you think of the Rolls-Royce, it’s the car’s signature hood ornament that comes to mind. The plated statuette, officially known as “The Spirit of Ectasy,” was created by renowned sculptor Charles Sykes. In the beginning they were created using the technique of “lost wax” casting, which required each mold to be broken once the statue was cast, making everyone one an original.
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